Medpark Bone D - A+ (Allograft)

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Bone-D A+ (Allograft-Syringe Type) is the FDBA (Freeze Dried Bone Allograft)

The optimum combination of 50 % Cortical and 50% Cancellous contributes the optimal Osteoinduction and Osteoconduction. 

The slow absorbtion of 50% Cortical Powder helps to maintain space on the implanted site during bone regeneration. 

50 % of Cancellous Powder with minerals facilitates cell adhesion, bone remodeling, and revascularization. 

To collect and treat homogeneous tissue is guaranteed by the ensured phmacological standard through more rigorous than AATB (American Association of Tissue Banks)

Bone-D A+ combines biocompatible and safety-proven materials to maximize the convenience and quality during the surgery. 

Bone-D A+ provides the most optimal environment for promoting osteoblast adhesion, blood vessel formation, and bone regeneration. 

Product Features:

- This product is made of human tissue from trusted donors whose gender, age, and medical history were checked to ensure that their tissue could be used safety. 

- 50 % Cortical powder maintains the space of the transplanted area during the new bone formation due to the delayed absorption rate (OsteoConduction).

- 50% Cancellous powder is rich in minerals and collagen that promote cell adhesion, bone remodeling, and vascular re-formation(OsteoInduction).

- To prevent cross-infection by a different donor, the process is done by a single donor. 

Method of Use:

- Remove the syringe's rubber cap

- Hydrate it in saline solution

- Turn and pull out the syringe cap to remove it

- Graft it in the desired area


- Dental implant surgery

- Socket Preservation

- Periodonal Defects

- Sinus lift 

- Ridge Augmentation

- GBR cases

Available sizes:

Syringe - Powder: 0.3g (0.3cc) and 0.6g (0.6cc)

Medpark is the products of the Republic of Korea

Medpark has the largest manufacturing facility in the Asia-Pacific which is producing completed product line of Bovine, Porcine, and Allograft bone. 


The optimum combination of 50% Cortical and 50% Cancellous contributes the optimal Osteoinduction and Osteoconduction.  

Slow absorption of 50% of Cortical Powder helps to maintain space on the implanted site during bone regeneration. 50% of Cancellous Powder with mineral facilitates cell adhesion, bone remodeling and revascularization.  

The optimum combination of 50% Cortical and 50% Cancellous contributes the perfect concept of Osteoinduction and Oseteoconduction
Slow absorption of 50% of the Cortical Powder helps to preserve spaces for grafted areas during the bone regeneration.
50% of the Cancellous Powder with Mineral accelerates cellular adhesiveness, bone remodeling and revascularization.

Each lot of product comes from a single donor to prevent a cross-contamination

 To collect and treat homogeneous tissues is guaranteed by the ensured Phmacological standard through more rigorous than AATB(American Association of Tissue Banks) 



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