Medpark Bone D - XP (Porcine Xenograft)

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Bone-D XP (Porcine Xenograft) is manufactured by sintering technology (High Temperature) of Medpark so it is very good property in term of strength, porosity, and safety (BSE Free). 

Bone-D XP is combined biocompatible and safety-proven materials to maximize convenience and quality during the surgery. 

Bone-D XP has similar structural characteristics with human bones. Due to its high porosity, Bone-D XP provides the most optimal environment for promoting osteoblast adhesion, blood vessel formation, and bone regeneration. 

The advantages of Porcine Bone are having high natural B-TCP yields and high bio-compatibility so it provides the optimal Osteoconduction and Osteoinduction. 

Key Properties: 

1) Excellent Pore Struture

- Manufactured by sintering technology of MedPark > Securing strength / porosity / BSE Free

- Extensive internal area

- Maintenance of ideal volume

2) Easy Manipulation

- Faster absorption by blood and saline for its porosity

- Applicable to various indication such as Socket Preservation, Sinus Lift, Periodontal Defects and Ridge Augmentation

3) High Wettability

- Stimulating new bone formation with great hydration with blood

- Osteoblast in blood helps the new bone formation


- Dental implant surgery

- Socket Preservation

- Periodonal Defects

- Sinus lift 

- Ridge Augmentation

- GBR cases

Available sizes:

1) Power Type (partical size 0.2-1.0mm): 0.25g (0.5cc) / 0.5g (1.0cc) / 1.0g (2.0cc)

2) Chip Type (partical size 1.0-2.0mm): 0.25g (0.75cc) / 0.5g (1.5cc) / 1.0g (3.0cc) / 2.0g (6.0cc)

Medpark is the products of the Republic of Korea

Medpark has the largest manufacturing facility in the Asia-Pacific which is producing completed product line of Bovine, Porcine, and Allograft bone. 



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