Medpark S1 (Bovine Xenograft -Sticky Bone)


Medpark S1 (Bovine Xenograft -Sticky Bone)

Medpark S1 (Bovine Xenograft -Sticky Bone)

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Product Description

1. S1 is a xenograft using bovine cancellous bone and its main ingredient is HA (Hydroxyapatite).

2. Pores in this material are interconnected, which facilitates the formation of new bone tissue into the material when implanted in oral and maxillofacial bone.

3. During the manufacturing process, the organic components were completely removed through chemical treatments and heat


4. Hydrogel agent makes the bone graft viscous upon hydration.

5. S1 should be used by trained/qualified licensed persons familiar with bone grafting.

Highlight Characters and Product features

1.sticky bone made easily with saline or blood

2.Mouldable & Customizing into any desired shape

3.Fast hydration within 10 seconds

4.Little loss of bone grafts (hardly scattered in saline and saliva)

5.The shape of S1 remained as it was even after soaking in blood for 12 hours

Key Properties:

1.Excellent adhesion 

2.Rigid Space Maintenance

3.Excellent Osteoconduction

4.Easy to manipulate


MedPark S1 is a xenograft material derived from bovine cancellous bone for the purpose of securing a space where a new bone tissue is formed by filling defects or bony voids of the oral and maxillofacial region due to a surgical injury or a non-surgical injury.

Storage condition

This product is supplied in a sterile container. Store as it is at room temperature(1℃ to 30℃) in the shade before use. If the sterile packaging is damaged or opened, the product must not be used. The contents of the blister package or vial are designed for single use only. Discard any unused material after opening. Expiration date is 3 years from date of manufacture. Do not use and re-sterilize products that have expired.

Available sizes:

Power Type (partical size 0.2~1.0mm):

0.15 g (0.30 cc)

0.25 g (0.50 cc)

0.50 g (1.00 cc)

1.00 g (2.00 cc)

Chip Type (partical size 1.0~2.0mm):

0.25 g (0.75 cc)

0.50 g (1.50 cc)

1.00 g (3.00 cc)

2.00 g (6.00 cc)

Medpark is the products of the Republic of Korea

Medpark has the largest manufacturing facility in the Asia-Pacific which is producing completed product line of Bovine, Porcine, and Allograft bone. 

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