Development Background
A barrier membrane that maximizes advantages of non-resorbable & resorbable membrane and minimizes disadvantages!

1. For all GBR required cases with a small amount of residual bone, which requires a specific shape.

2. Prevention of marginal bone resorption which is the most important in implant treatment by maintaining vertical and horizontal volume of bone regeneration site of alveolar bone ridge.

3. Prevention of infection from bacterial adhesion even at early exposure due to non-porous structure.

4. Simple removal method and thin thickness make second surgery easy and very convenient for patients and clinicians.

5. Almost transparent material provides very much predictable solution and is easy to observe underlying tissue.

6. Extremely cost-effective.


a. High predictability of results: the transparent PTFE membrane allows the healing process of the underlying tissue to be identied, making it highly predictable and easy to determine removal time.
b. Prevention of infection: the non-porous and smooth surface prevents bacterial penetration and even it allows users to perform open sheet membrane technique.
c. Superb shape retentivity: the reinforced titanium frame is easy to bed shaped and maintain superb shape retentivity.
d. Healing Period Control: the Wi-Mesh is made of 100% non-resorbable material so that users can control the healing period.
e. Easy to remove and x: the hole in the centre allows easy removal and fixation with such bone screws and abutments as BOSS® System.
f. Various shapes and sizes: available in a variety of shapes and sizes for optimal application (refer to the page 7).


Why is it called “Wifi-Mesh”?




Checklist when choosing barrier membrane

Clinical Application [Wifi-Mesh]

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