Osteoinductive Bone Graft
rhBMP-2 + BCP

The world’s first E.rhBMP-2 (E.Coli derived Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein type 2), as a growth factor that induces bone and cartilage formation. It is a retinoid mediator that plays a key role in osteoblast differentiation.

• COWELL® BMP is bone graft material based on the E.rhBMP-2, developed for the first time in the world. It is supported with 10 years of clinical data and over 40 studies.
• BCP as a carrier, allows maintenance of space.

• Primary closure for soft tissue regeneration is not required.
• Regenerates adherent gingiva.
• Simplifies challenging bone grafting and soft tissue regeneration.
• Acts directly on stem cells.
• Induces bone regeneration without infection in extraction socket.
• Contains 1mg of bone morphogenic protein per 1g of the particle
(1g of autolotgous bone contains 2ng of bone morphogenic protein).

Development Background

Autologous stem cell transplantation
• Less effective due to difficulty of the engraftment in
early stage of tissue regeneration
• Cell cultivation causes enormous expense

However, Stem cell growth factors
• Effective in tissue regeneration for all vertebrates
• Even human growth factor is effective in both human and animals

Mechanism of Action of COWELL® BMP

1. rhBMP-2 bonds with BMP-2 receptor of Stem cell to activate intracellular phosphorylating enzyme

2. BMP-2 of Stem cell and VEFG activates for
protein synthesis and secretion
* VEGF : Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor

3. VEGF promotes cell growth by inducing angiogenesis to nourish Stem cell

4. BMP-2 activate cell division of surrounding Stem cell and promotes rapid proliferation

5. Proliferated Stem cells differentiate into various cells according to surrounding tissues

6. Differentiated cells form neoplastic tissues
and remodel them according to the surrounding environment

Effectiveness of COWELL® BMP

Critically Defected Model
Bone Graft Type


rhBMP-2 Coated Implant
Vertical Defect

Dehiscence Defect

* Bone is safely formed without barrier membrane after rhBMP-2 bone graft,
however, when use of general bone graft, barrier membrane is essential


Comparison with other materials
Both Calcium Pyrophosphate, CPP(Ca/P=1) and Biphasic Calcium Phosphate, BCP(Ca/P=1.55) are very effective for early osteoanagenesis.
CPP, however, has higher absorption rate than BCP and is slightly more effective for osteoanagenesis.

There is no difference in the ratio of new bone generation.
However, Graft B forms hard fibrous tissue between particles and the COWELL® BMP fills bone marrow tissue.
The Graft B received site has high resistance against drilling while the COWELL® BMP has excellence in bone remodeling by bone marrow.

Product Specification

COWELL® BMP (One vial)
• Dose and particle size of the COWELL® BMP

User Guide

Researches of COWELL® BMP at Universities

Cognitive understandings with scientifically and clinically proven outcome
COWELLMEDI is providing products which have been scientically and clinically proven.

Chonnam National University (Korea)
Dankook University (Korea)
Dongguk University (Korea)
Ewha Womans University (Korea)
Gangneung-Wonju National University (Korea)

Hallym University (Korea)
Harvard University (USA)
Inha University (Korea)
Inje Universitry (Korea)
Korea University (Korea)

Kwandong University (Korea)
Nantes University (France)
Northeastern University (USA)
Pusan National University (Korea)
Seoul National University (Korea)

University of Pennsylvania (USA)
University of Toronto (Canada)
University of Zurich (Switzerland)
Yonsei University (Korea)

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